Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ah, the busy life of a Barbet. That would be Barbet the dog NOT Barbet the bird! No idea how a South American bird came to have the same name as my kind. Really, I mean what kind of bird looks like a "beard"?

For those of you not versed in Francais, Barbet means beard. I'd think a 'bearded" bird would not be able to fly, wouldn't that heavy mass of hair causing the beard be pulled down by gravity? The hairy little fellow with wings would only fall flat on its face when it went up in the air. I'm thinking someone in South America confused beard with bird and thus the mix up in names.

Regardless, I know one thing for sure, I don't fly! hehe

I had a very busy day, guarding the house, eating all those treats Grandma kept feeding me, chasing Noelle, my hunting toy, and going for a short walk - like 3 houses & back - with Momma Maria. Tonight Mom has explained that she wants me to start talking about my furry family as well as all the great "stuff" I want to recommend to my fellow Barbeteers! So, stay tuned for the upcoming dog house is going to get very interesting very soon :)

Off to nap and rest my jaws from chewing with the treat machine (Grandma) here for another few days!

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  1. Hey Finley, my mom and dad saw your mom today. I overheard them talking about you and your mom. Congratulations, sounds like you have trained your mom as well as I have. Aw right, think I will have some filet mignon cooked up for me now.


    Puddin Taylor