Saturday, January 30, 2010


This morning I write about something or should I say someone? near and dear to my heart...well, really not my heart but since this is a general audience blog, I won't go there.

Mom found this definition online of "cattails" -Cattails are tall, stiff plants, growing almost ten feet tall. The leaves look like giant blades of grass, about one inch wide.

As you can see from the picture above, cattails in our house mean something TOTALLY different!

My little feline sister Sasha has tried milking from me, sleeping on me, cuddling with me but most notably she enjoys batting around my tail. Sometimes, I do not realize she is attached to my tail until Mom screams and removes her from my back-end. Since I am a happy go lucky fellow, my tail is always swinging back and fro with great velocity. Anything in its way (like monogrammed glasses, soda bottles, etc) can and have gotten whacked and gone airborne, much to Mom's chagrin.

Since Sasha only weighs 4 pounds right now, I never really know if she is along for the ride or not. Hey, I can't see back there Mom! Maybe I need a rear view or side view mirror attached to my collar to ensure it's all clear before I go running at full speed. Sasha has swung like Tarzan a few times but somehow she hasn't gotten the landing quite mastered yet! Good thing she has all those colors on her, this way the black and blue marks just blend right in! LOL

Ride at your own risk, Baby Girl, this boy has got places to be! Most of the time I have no idea where that is, but I usually figure it out when I get there!

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