Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Momma Maria

Not to be confused with Momma Mia and I won't be singing here but wanted to tell you about my favorite dog walker, Mary Morella. For some reason I can't begin to understand, Mom calls Mary Morella, Maria, well, actually, Momma Maria. M squared as I'll call her here comes to see the brother and me twice a week. Usually, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She takes us for long walks or should I say WE take her for long walks! LOL

Our routine is simple, go as fast as we can in two different directions. If we get lucky, she loses control of both of us and we are off in our own direction at our own speed! Well, not really. We try but for a little lady, she can't be more than 5 ft 4 nches and all of 110 pounds but boy I'll tell you, she packs a whallop of a tug! I can't get past her no matter how hard I pull! I think she may have a bionic body part, it's really the ONLY explanation.

See, I like to stop at every possible smell of another of my kind, lift my leg and let loose. I need them all to know, I AM king. Even though I was neutered at 3 months, I fooled them all. Just because the balls aren't there to bounce anymore, I still understand what matters and lifting that leg, pointing and hosing down every conceivable spot where another dog has been IS my mission on these walks with M squared.

Now, Kolby, different story. He prefers to stop at every scent and just put his nose to the smell and stand there. Sometimes, he won't move. I think he gets high from the smells, don't know what else it could be.

So, M squared has to reel me in from marking the entire extended neighborhood at the same time she has to pull Kolby along from having his nose freeze to the ground he keeps it there so long! And amazing story is that for years now, M squared gets the job down! And, for that and the fact that she is so reliable, comes by to save Mom when she locks herself out, and best of all is CHEAP, we all love her dearly!

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