Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Mom is working with a very nice lady in Washington State who is helping the Club as the AKC Liaison. She just informed Mom that her Portuguese Water Dog, Bloomer, passed away. We are all so very sad.

Mom lost Pandora, her Black Persian kitty who was 16.5 yrs old last September. It was a very sad event. I used to enjoy hunting for Kitty Pandora. She was older when I joined the pack here so she really wanted nothing to do with me. Mom would yell KITTY and I'd go like a hound on a hunt. I was always gentle and never hurt her but I loved to chase her. She would just hiss and swat back at me. But, I know Mom misses her.

So, I wanted to ease Mom's broken heart over Pandora with being the best big dog brother I could be to our new kitty, Sasha. Although, Sasha trying to drink milk from me pushed me over the edge! I had to draw the line somewhere.

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