Monday, January 11, 2010

So, this evening, I have assumed the position. That is where I sit in the second floor TV Room and peer out at our neighbor's house. I have a great vantage point as I see directly into their family room and their backyard. And I can howl when Senna and Ginger make an appearance.

Mom worries that I will fall out of the window so she won't open it. And that's a bummer because then I don't get the scents. Mom, I am a dog, I LIVE for the scents! And now I've got Sasha trained to stare out the window with me! Those neighbors are not going to be happy! All we need is Kolby and it's official - a Trifecta of Stalking - No one can beat that! LOL

Oh, I hear movement out the front, I am off. It appears to be our neighbor across the street. He's outside shoveling the freshly fallen snow. He must be bored, he's rarely home and he has a shoveling service so what IS he doing? I'll give him a sharp bark and a howl just to remind him I can see every move he makes out these front doors! His uncle owns the Boston Bruins but I don't care, I'm a Sabres fan after all! Although, I bark at our neighbor two doors down, who plays for the Sabres. No one should be that big! I bark at him as much as I can, keep thinking maybe he'll shrink but nope, still as big as ever!

Well, with the freshly fallen snow, I am off to wait for the snow men. I practice my werewolf impression every time they show up to plow and shovel and boy do I scare them! Not to mention break my Mom's ear drums! Oh well, not everyone appreciates my gift of the vocal chord!

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