Saturday, January 9, 2010

While Mom is inside trying to figure out this whole Blog concept, I am outside in 13 degree weather with brother Kolby making sure I get my snow fix.

Snow is so much better than water! I can drink it, play in it, body bump my brother Kolby right into it! Mom keeps saying that instead of Malamutes or Huskies, they will feature Barbet in Snow Dogs II :)

Notice in my oh so debonair picture below that I am am sporting a royal blue and white snowflake scarf. Mom has told my groomers (I have 2, a subject for another post) and they try to keep me true to my Nana Paula's lineage in sporting the colors of Ontario...royal blue and white. I take the responsibility of being the first born Ontario Barbet very seriously so my wardrobe really needs to be color coordinated with the Ontario provincial colors. And, I think I look very spiffy in that color, eh?

I am currently barking at the door and where the heck is Mom? When I want to come in, I WANT to come in! It's freakin cold out here! Ah, I have her trained she comes!

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