Sunday, March 7, 2010

Da Ball

My new Canadian friends, Gail & Jim, are really good humans. They brought me 3, count them 3!, squeaker tennis balls yesterday! That was a part of their thank you gift to Mom for driving me up there to play - Gail/Jim, trust me, it's the LEAST Mom can do for me. She did take me from Canada after all. Personally, I want her to buy a house up there for the summers. Money is no object where I am concerned. Apparently, it is where she is concerned, minor detail!

Anyway, Mom teased me with the yella fella as I call my balls :) But I complied, sat, waited for the GO command and the yella fella doesn't have much yella left now :) LOL

Thanks Gail & Jim! Keep the balls bouncing my way! I'll have Mom send you my address, LOL.