Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Howl, A Growl, Dog on the Prowl

I may have a small land to watch over. But watch over it I do! I can sense, regardless of where I am on the property, when an interloper DARE to cross my land. I have spent nearly 2 years now marking every spot. And yet still, they walk by, they stop, they stare. YES, I AM HERE!

My Mom says I am part werewolf! I look at them out the front doors, I take a deep breath and then it comes...the Barbet WAWOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I like to point my noise up towards the ceiling, it lets the sound carry upwards and bounce off the ceiling. It stops the humans dead in their tracks outside and the dogs, well, let's just say, if the human isn't holding on tight to the leash, there will be a runaway dog event, NOT pretty I tell you.

Today, Ginger, the 8 year old red lab that I stalk from our second floor tv room window, was out front meandering while her owner took something from the car parked outside. Ginger decided to come up to the front porch and give me a little wink! Well, she got more than a WAWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I tell you! I nearly went through the glass! Mom was already home from work so she came running to determine the extent of the barking crisis.

Calm down Mom, I'm doing the Man Thing, Let me Be. Oh wait, Mom has something in her hand? Yes, freeze dried Stella & Chewy Chicken Patty - Ginger, until we meet again, I've got a chicken patty with my name on it! The Ladies are very important but top of the list - TREATS!