Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pillow Needs

A Barbet has many needs, the least of which is his/her choice of many large, fluffy, preferably down pillows. That allows us to think we have hunted down the goose :)

I have pillows throughout my house as well as outside for the upcoming spring/summer/fall. If I don't like the ones Mom has bought specifically for me, I just take over hers as they are spread out throughout the house. Let me tell you Barbet love the leather and that would be our choice of everything -it's cool, dead cow smell really gets us turned on!

If I don't like the way Mom's arranged the pillows, I just take it upon myself and re-arrange. I understand my younger half cousin Tuck does the same up north. Good boy!

If enough Barbet spread the word, instead of buying cutesy dutesy dog beds, get REAL and buy us our own calf leather sofa! Oh, with many pillows so we can push them around, onto the floor, and carry them where we need them :)