Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Hunting

Well, my Grandma is back. And, as you know by now if you're a frequent reader, that means the Himalayan Yeti, also known as Noelle, is back. Darn she is furry! I came home from daycare and I immediately went on the Chase. I like to hone my hunting skills on her! I'd never hurt her because I know she is part of the extended family I have but I do need to let her know I am in control!

So, I chase, I chase, and oh yeah, I chase! She has learned that she can get away from me by jumping up on things I either can't or will certainly break if I try - like the dining room table, featured above! But rest assured, once she comes down and you know eventually she will need to, I'll be there, in her face, reminding her that Barbet do hunt and that she is in my house now! Happy Hunting :)