Monday, April 12, 2010

Tug o War

Well, MY chill pill toy didn't last very long. That darn brother, Kolby, had to get in on the action. And for some reason, he IS stronger than me. He always manages to pull the toy away from me. I swear he's going to take one of my teeth one day! Really, Kolby, fine, you can have it. Then I get back at him. I stand and stare at him and bark at the top of my lungs. And let me tell you, I have a set of lungs on me!

My barking always brings forth a crazed looking Mom out of the door shouting "Quiet" at me. Really? No idea what that word means nor will I ever! Sometimes, it's very convenient to be a dog. The humans don't really know what we understand so we get to pick and choose as we see fit :) And Quiet? Well, not a word I choose to keep in my vocabulary, dog or otherwise! LOL