Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boone En Route to Washington, "Boonedoggle" :)

A few months ago you may recall brother Kolby and I paused to remember Bloomer. Bloomer was our Mom's friend's Portie. She went to doggy heaven leaving a hole in the home of her parents, Judy & Larry Munday.

Today, some great news for them! They have been able to add Boone Boy, as I call him, to their family. Boone hails directly from France a few years ago. He has spent the last few years living in Arkansas. Now, he is traveling back on his very own "Boonedoggle" :)

He will be King of the Palace living outside of beautiful Seattle, Washington with Judy and Larry, carrying on Bloomer's legacy and most certainly creating a new one of his own!

Mom and I are so excited for Judy to finally have her own Barbet! She has been reading my Blog and even bought him one of my favorite toys I've written about - the Tuffy Toy Pteradactyl! I hope Boone chews him to pieces, haha!

Aunt Judy said he sleeps like me, upside down! Way to go Boone Boy, keep the tradition going! I just hope you don't have any "pesky" cats in your house! If you do, give me a Bark, I can help you with that one, lots of experience on that front! LOL

So, Welcome Home to the Barbet Community Boone Boy and Congratulations Judy and Larry on your very first Barbet...HIP HIP HOORAY! VIVE LE BARBET!