Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brotherly Love

Today was a wash out. Yesterday the heat could have cooked a dog like me with all this hair and today, well, I could have floated down the street with all the rain! Weather extremes these days.

So, I passed out on the Loggia and slept all day covered from the rain. Then, it was the last class of Agility. Brother Kolby went for the last class but he didn't particpate, just ate and ripped and ran in after class time fun. He is very agile but as Mom found out, Agility is not just about being able to jump.

She needs to work on her approach and she needs to be more interesting to us than any of the canine chaos occurring on the periphery. And let me tell you, she didn't do such a great job! LOL Aunt Linda and Sage and that cute little Leila, the Australian Shepherd puppy, were too much for her to compete with!

I did enjoy myself and she is contemplating doing another Agility class with me. But she keeps talking about this Dock Diving class tomorrow. Gee, give me a break! I'd like to just hang with the brother and guard the house. But, alas, no rest for the weary. I'll be bouncing out of the house again early tomorrow. Stay tuned! Until then, I'll be hanging with the Brother.