Sunday, May 9, 2010

Today, I sleep. And I sleep.

I had a full hour or so last night of Agility and the Rip & Run with Sage, our Airedale Buddy. He then came over for a few hours and the dog play continued for a few hours. Whew, exhausting!
So, today, I woke up still tired and it started snowing. I went for bagels with Mom and then I'd seen enough. After the 60 mph winds yesterday, trees falling, and now snow in May? Who needs this chaos? Wow. Too much for a Barbet to handle.

So, I sleep and then when I wake up - Spring will be back, my Mom won't be pushing me up steep inclines to perform for her and it will be Monday and I'm back with the pack at daycare.

The life of a Dog :)