Friday, May 7, 2010

Well, today was quite the day.

Brother Kolby went for his weekly allergy bath and grooming. Me? I stayed behind to sleep and, of course, to protect Grandma who is visiting. Mom went off to work. I thought, okay, quiet day.

Then, the earth shook. Trucks, horns, backup sirens, what the heck? Darn, it's that Don guy again along with his sidekick Russell. They always keep popping up at very inopportune times for me.

So, Grandma picks up the phone and calls Mom at work to tell her about the bedlam currently ensuing. I, of course, do my part and belt out a deep HOWL>>>> and another, and another. I scared those men, of that I am sure! Heck, I even scared myself!

So, nearly 10 hours later, our backyard has new grass, new mulch and re-potted bricks. Looking good Mom...OK, Don and Russell aren't so bad. Anyone who brings us better grass for a more cushy bathroom is okay by me :)