Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Funny Feet

Today, it hit almost 100 degrees between the temperature and humidity. Luckily, I kept my curls in shape by staying in the cool a/c.

Mom did bring me an interesting addition to my look - Pawz. They are rubber waterproof dog boots. She sprays some holistic healing spray from Uncle Omar on my run down pads and then covered them with these Pawz. I must say I feel like I am wearing 2 Balloons on my feet, only I can't bounce them off my nose like I do with most balloons!

They are pretty snazzy and should help my pad skin re-grow quicker. I like them Mom, thanks to Uncle Omar for always having great suggestions for me!

And, oh yes, no matter where I go in the house, that pesky shadow Sasha follows me, as can be seen in my lounging picture here!