Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Gate or Gateway to the World as I call It

When Mom moved into the house 4 years ago, the iron gate wasn't there. Instead, a solid cedar gate was present. While I hadn't been born yet, Mom knew that Kolby would not be happy unless he could see out of the gate. So, she had it brought down and the current gate was custom made by Handyman Don for us. Truth be told, the narrow slats weren't originally included in the gate and Kolby bee-lined through the gate to visit Rudy, the Golden Retriever across the street. Oops, she then had the narrow curly slats made and installed.

So, now neither one of us can sneak out. But we keep guard and we can spend hours like today just hanging at the gate and waiting for our world to get a little more exciting (and noisy as Mom says) with the many humans, canines, trucks, and delivery men that dare cross our path. Our gate really is our gateway to the world!