Monday, September 20, 2010

Taking Up Residence

With my Grandma rather ill and not sure if she will recover, Noelle has taken up a temporary permanent residence in our third floor guest suite. Separated by a pet gate as the third floor has no door, we are all co-existing nicely. Sasha will go up on the stairs a few times a day and they look at one another through the gate but that's about it. It's actually quite peaceful.

Mom is taking this unfortunate turn of events to spend evenings up on the third floor and ride the exercise bike. She really has let herself go over the past 5 years and she needs to tuck it up so to say I tell you! So, I am glad for Noelle that we can give her some peace in this difficult time, I am happy that Sasha is separated from her so there are none of those nasty cat fights which result in Mom paying that VET lots o money! And I am happy for my Mom , that she is dedicating time to work out again!

Sometimes turning bad into not so bad is all you can ask for! As a dog or a human or a cat!!