Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today, Mom brought me to a beautiful park - Oppenheim Park. As we drove in I saw a huge pond with Canadian Geese. NIRVANA or so I thought! She drove right by it. Great. The rest of the time spent there was me sitting in the car watching the humans walk and talk. Come on I thought, I have water to jump in and geese to goose!

What then occurred was quite interesting. Flags, chicken on the grass and Mom's FBI hat at the end of the chicken trail. I wasn't quite sure what the heck was going on. On the third track, I finally got it. Run as fast as I can, nose down, to the FBI hat. HMPH. Not sure what to make of this. Mom seemed pretty into it.

The humongous Rottweiler Yukon was a lunatic with that food, tracking it right away. I also saw him jump on my Mom and nearly knock her over. Let me at him I thought. My curls will get in his way! The cute little lady Golden, Maggie, was a real sweetie. Again another great tracker. And she was cuuuuute! May need to check her out next week, I assume this will be another great adventure that Mom has embarked upon with me.

Yeah, I know. I am a Lucky Dog :)