Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to Business

Today, I had a very busy day. The rain and overcast grey days still haven't left us but Mom says the News people are promising by tomorrow we will see sun again!

Started out the morning by taking Aunt Barbie to the airport, time for her to get back to her life Up in the Air. We'll miss her!

Then, Mom took me Tracking. I had to make up the day I missed on Saturday when I was in the jumping chaos in Ontario. I track slow, but nose to the ground, most of the time. I like Trainer Lisa's Bil-Jack better than the chicken Mom gives me. I heard Lisa tell Mom to get me some treats I normally don't have so can't wait to see what she puts together. Suggestion - Filet Mignon!

We also saw Momma Maria today. She came over to clean, I love seeing her.

And, as you can see from this picture, I have a new place to stalk the cats in my house! This cat tree was Noelle's from Grandma's and Mom brought it over here on our third floor. Noelle growls at Sasha when Sasha is in it and I get up close and personal to whichever kitty is hanging out of it! LOL

Our new "normal" life without Grandma has officially begun. Trying to keep up Mom's spirits as I know she has a hole in her heart. Hopefully my love helps her heal. Or if that doesn't work, I will keep her mildly entertained with different cat attacks! :)