Friday, October 29, 2010

Grooming with a Twist

I accompanied Kolby this morning to his weekly grooming appointment. The Brother has bad skin allergies so he gets an allergy bath every Friday. Today I went to get a beauty bath.

While waiting to go in, a big Rottie came in and stared me down. I tried to take him on and Mom down in the process! It wasn't pretty let me tell you. His name was Trigger and he was in tact. Quite the scene I caused.

But then there was a dog in heat back in the grooming area and Trigger freaked all day. They had to take him outside to calm him down. When his owner showed up Mom asked Why isn't he fixed? The guy said I won't let anyone snip my parts, why would I do that to my dog? Ignorance I tell you! HAHA In tact dogs are not allowed at doggy daycare or dog parks here in Buffalo, NY. Mom says we don't need those issues in our lives and I must say I agree with her.

The only balls I like are my jolly and tennis ones! LOL