Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I swim, I swim, and I swim

Today, Mom took both Kolby and I to the Salt Water Pool. I jumped right in and would only get out to jump back in. The brother fell in 3 times and panicked, poor guy. Mom had to help him out twice and the third time Megan got him to the stairs to allow him to get himself out. Guess Wheatens are not swimmers, huh? Don't think he'll be joining my Dockdiving team anytime soon!

I really enjoyed the little Lakeland Terrier, Morgan. She was a cutie. I helped her swim with Megan. She is recovering from hip surgery and I swam along with them the 5 minutes they were in the pool. She could have stayed, liked that little cutie. And, really Mom, next time a full hour! 1/2 an hour just isn't enough!