Monday, January 17, 2011

A Tsunami in a Dog Pool

Glad to see I am okay and able to write today. My mom took me to the pool to swim this afternoon.
What she didn't know was that the pool people had scheduled 2 other dogs to swim with me.
One was a sweet Weimaraner that wasn't so thrilled with getting wet but I liked him. The other was a Tsunami on 4 legs! An 85 pound Golden Retriever that liked to belly flop into the pool. Unfortunately, the belly flop created a wake the size of a wall and overtook me! I went under, took in water, came back up and threw up all over the pool. Not fun!

After it happened a second time, Mom pulled me out. That Golden was crazy and too big for my 46 lbs! I had so much water in me I even got rid of some on my brother Kolby waiting in the car...he was NOT happy. So, Mom has work to do to make sure I never get hit by a fur flying canine flood again! And Kolby informed her he's not going along for the ride anymore!