Friday, February 4, 2011

Delivery Men Beware

Well, it happened again. I was passed out on our guest bed with Mom on the computer and the tv blaring. And, low and behold, the Door Bell rang. What the heck? Who dares impinge upon my comfort? I sprang into action.

Up off the bed, Mom move out of the way or I'll take you down in the process. A dog has his work to do and my work right now is making sure this interloper does not do harm to my homestead. And, For God's sake, will you get this cat out of my path. I can't move anywhere without making sure I don't step on her! There, go flat cat, otherwise, I'm taking you down the stairs with me. And Kolby I see you at the bottom of the stairs, move it brother, I've got you covered.

I bellowed, I howled, I told them what I thought of being interrupted. As Mom opened the door, all I saw was a small box coming in and I could smell the fear. My job was done. The key was to not let him see that I am a cute, hairy 46 lb dog. Let him think I am a mean lean German fighting machine! LOL

Job over, back up to the guest room to sleep under the ceiling fan and think good bones!