Friday, February 11, 2011

Where the Heck Am I?

Well, the Mother pulled out all the stops today. I went across the border to my home and native land, Oh Canada! Then, low and behold in an old military base, a Dockdog pool! And what?? Do my entropic eyes deceive me? I see Phoebe and Echo from the Rehab Swimming Club and Steph, gotta love my Steph! Wait, bestill my beating heart...YES, it is! Nana Paula & Uncle Anton...I'm in heaven...well, really a military hangar but heck if this is what heaven is like, bring it on!

Competition 1 of National Dockdogs. I jumped 11ft10inches. Mom was pleased, puts me in junior, 4 more jumps between 10 and 14'11 and I can get that coveted National Junior Champion Title. I'm sure I'll manage to eek out a 15 footer and really irriate her! LOL

I finished the night at some hotel, where is the marble? Where are the expensive dog treats? Those disgusting things that guy in the lobby gave you Mom are on the floor for you to pick up. I"ll eat my fresh grilled chicken, thank you!

Okay, a guy needs his beauty sleep, ladies will be on hand to witness my flying leaps tomorrow...