Friday, April 22, 2011

Brother Boy

Everyone always asks, Why doesn't Kolby write a Blog? Well, I am the Storyteller in the family. Kolby is the quiet, pensive leader. He is the Watcher of the Family, the Peacemaker as Marcia calls him. He enjoys his cave in the dining room and being included when Mom goes on excursions. He is most happy on a walk with Mom or Momma Maria.

As a Herding Dog, he likes to keep the family together. He gets excited when we go places or visitors come over, as long as they aren't men. He isn't thrilled with Men coming into the house. He is the Man of our House. He was Grandma's special boy. I think he desperately misses her as we all do but his relationship with her was longer and of a very special nature. He will always be Mom's Little Man, something Dr. Souza called him at 9 weeks old.

I love my big brother and I always look for him as he is our Anchor. But, me?, Well, I am the Captain of the ship, Mom?, Well, she just pays for everything, the Navigator I"d call her. So, my antics work nicely for writing a Blog. Kolby? Well, perhaps one day he will write a poem, more his style :) Luv ya big brother!