Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kids, the Park Lake, & Water

Woo! What a day. It started out with a walk with Mom and the brother down to Delaware Park and back. We left the Catdog home, thankfully, I do get a reprieve from her sometimes!

Then, cooling it at home, Mom whisked us away. And there was Aunt Beth and all those kids!

We walked in the Park by Hoyt Lake. What? Hoyt Lake? Zoom, I jumped in and just about carried that young girl trying to hold me back? Hey, get with the program, I AM a water dog, where there's water, there is this dog in it!

Then, back to the house and an hour of dinky pool fun! Kolby - well, he thinks my pools are giant water bowls - whatever! One day he'll get it or NOT! Either way, it was fun, fun, fun!