Monday, October 8, 2012

Guarding Whatcha Got

This morning I was dragged to the Vets for poking, proding, needles, and general bothersome touching!  Thanks Mom, wth?  I thought you loved me.  Really, I AM healthy!  After sleeping the rest of the day, I was enjoying the cool driveway breeze with the brother when 3 unknown assailants came up the driveway carrying rakes. 

Well, Brother and I looked at each other and said NO WAY!  We began howling, gnarling, and jumping at the gate.  Mom came out in her flannel doggy pj's looking ever so stupid - Really, that's what we're protecting?  At least she yelled at them to go away as we didn't need any raking. 

Bottom line, Mom has no style left in her as she ages and burglars, don't EVEN think of coming here, we will fight, we will bite and we will protect the crazy lady in flannel dog pj's!