Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Art of Destruction

This afternoon I decided it was time to shake things up in the household.

Mom was eating something on the couch and I needed to see what it was so I charged her to bump Kolby out of the way who was gently approaching her. Down it went, my tail swiped her soda cup and Diet Coke everywhere! Kolby went running, Mom uttered something I can't print here and all I knew was "what the heck was she eating, did I need to have some"? Really, what's a little diet coke on the carpet! I've left a lot worse on that carpet! LOL

As she normally does when we have "accidents", she lets us outside to romp and run. Kolby hasn't really wanted to play much today so I ate some snow, boxed my ball a bit and ran around with the football in my mouth. It is after all Football Sunday!

Then, back in the house and attack, I pounce on the Pterodactyl from Tuff Toys. I love that thing! I have destroyed one in my lifetime and very close to number two. I destuffed much of it, Mom can clean it up, after all that's a big part of why she's here! I can't do everything, Run, play, eat, it exhausts a dog! Mom is here for clean up duty, it's one of the best things about her!

For my canine brethren, if you like to chew and pull things apart, try the Tuff Toys. There is a Tyrannosaurus Rex that is bigger than me that I am hoping Mom will buy me for my birthday this year. Him, I'll take on, don't care if his name is Godzilla, Finley Sebastien has two names that must make me stronger, right?

Well, onto some Himalayan Chews. Love that Yak's milk. If I ever meet a Yak, I may try the Sasha behavior and see if I can garner some milk directly from the Yak...I bet Mom would love to get a picture of that! Although, not sure the Yak would be so accommodating! LOL

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