Monday, January 11, 2010

Pawprints by Penny Doggy Daycare

I am tuckered out from a full day of doggy daycare.

Mom has sent me and the brother to Pawprints by Penny's since they opened a few years ago. Kolby went before I did as I wasn't born and couldn't participate in the fun just yet! But as soon as I hit 12 weeks, boom, I was there! Mom feels very strongly that dog socialization is a must in the life of a dog and I REALLY agree with her!

My day starts out with Penny taking off my collar. Some of the pups can get rambunctious and can pull at our collars or neck scarfs so we all need to go in without them. Somehow, the girls there all remember which collars belong to which dogs. But for Kolby and me, it's very easy.

Mom spends LOTS o money at Uncle Omar's store, Animal Outfitter's. She buys us matching leashes and collars from Up Country, Inc. Today, I am wearing the Bee's and Kolby is wearing the Elephants. We change collars every few months or so. Mom takes the used leashes and collars and donates them to the Buffalo City Animal Shelter. So, there are lots of pit bulls running around with cute matching collars and leashes!

Penny is great to me. She lets me lick and kiss her and run around like a looney tune. I have been trying for a while to make it to the top of the ladder but I keep getting pushed back down by those darn Alpha Dogs. So, while I try to lead, I can't. So, instead I play, play, and oh yeah, I play! It's a really hard job but someone has to do it, why not me?

You'll see brother Kolby and me above with Aunt Penny. Then, another picture when I am rallying the pack to determine what our next game will be. As you can see, the pack circles me like the Leader I think I am! Kolby follows Ben around all day with the vacuum cleaner. My brother can be very OCD and he mostly prefers following the humans unless one or two of his long haired Golden girlfriends are there!

And when Mom comes to get us, I let out a howl and jump as high as I can. Kolby runs the opposite way and just wants to stay behind and continue his vacuuming! My older brother is a goofball at times. Penny usually has to push him to come out.

We go see Penny on Mondays and Thursdays and in-between we sleep! 8 hours of run and fun is one of the hardest jobs I have!

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