Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Momma!

As I lay here enjoying my Himalayan Chew,I ponder the events of the day.

My brother created quite a frenzy this morning.

We were outside frolicking in the fresh snow that just kept falling when I decided I was too frozen to enjoy it anymore and began my usual routine of banging down the door and howling at a high pitch to get Mom's attention. But Kolby stayed outside.

Mom was taking a shower when the bedlam began. A hooded figure with a snow shovel
began pushing snow away from our property. I have seen this devilish figure before and Mom tells me he is 'friend' but I bark like it's going out of style just too make sure he knows I am the Boss!

Well the shoveler proceeds to enter the backyard where Kolby is basking in the snow.
Enter Cujo! Kolby begins baring teeth and barking louder than me! We begin..The barkoff!

Mom comes running down out of the shower. Oh boy someone is in trouble now! But wait. Is she really going to show herself in that form to the shoveler? Her hair is dripping wet, her robe is all that's masking what God gave her and she opens the door! She begins screaming at Kolby to come in and he just stands there barking off at the shoveler. I chime in as well.

The interloper has got to go. I try to bounce Mom out of the way to corner him but she holds me back. Woo, got a view I wasn't looking for! Finally, Kolby comes in, the shoveler leaves and I tell Mom to go get dressed! Oh and the clock strikes 7 am, the day has just begun!

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