Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I was so tired from daycare yesterday I was looking forward to a quiet Tuesday. Mom leaves for work, Kbear and I pass out, Sasha is secure in her 3rd floor bedroom and all is good. Then, woosh, what the heck? Is that Aunt Barbie? It can't be! But it was! I whirled, I twirled, I ran up the stairs, down the stairs, overcome with excitement!

Mom puts this baby gate up so I can't get to my victims as they walk in the front door anymore :( I like to charge them and watch out...lickarama! It's the fee one has to pay for entering my zone. But this darn baby gate, I have to figure out how to push it over, heck, I turned over my crate when I was a pup so Mom couldn't crate me as she thought I'd hurt myself so I should be able to figure out these darn baby gates!

So, when the gate finally was lifted, Kbear and I nearly knocked Aunt Barbie over! We love her so we have to make sure she sees us so we figure if we jump on her, then she can't miss us!

She is my special aunt as we share the exact same hair together. Grandma says they wrote the play HAIR about us so often I feel compelled to belt out the words AQUARIUS, AQUARIUS! (famous song from the play Hair ) :)

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