Friday, January 15, 2010

Finley & Sasha

Today, Sasha and I were without Mom and Kolby. Momma Maria was here cleaning and took me on a nice long walk without the brother :) ALL ME ALL THE TIME! Sasha stays safe in the bedroom on the 3rd floor when Mom isn't home or that's what Mom wants you to think. She wants to make sure Sasha doesn't climb up her drapes, scratch our leather furniture or poop in places she shouldn't! The kitty seems to have issues understanding what is a litter box and what ISN'T a litter box! So, when I see her coming at me, I make sure she doesn't think I AM the litter box!

Often Sasha rubs up against me and I have to show her who's in charge. I grunt, I paw her but alas, I am a Barbet, so I lick her. Just want her to know I love her but that she shouldn't get too comfortable. After all, I am a leg lifting male! I DO have a reputation to preserve. All in a day's work as a Barbet :)

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