Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturdays bring with them a very exciting dimension in my life! Mom is home all day and I know she always has something interesting planned for us boys! Today was no exception.

With the warmer termperatures, lots of changes. The most exciting - SQUIRRELS!. I love to chase them, one day I WILL catch one! Although, I don't know how they would taste :( I have a very specific palate and only the best organic food comes my way so I am unclear if a ground hugging, tree swinging rat with hair would fit that bill! But I'd like to try that delicacy at least once in my Barbet life!

We have a pair of squirrels that live in our neighborhood. And then there is this third interloper, not sure if it's a squirrel kid that just won't "fly the nest" or maybe a retarded one that can't figure out he needs to go make his own home. Regardless, there are always two running together and a third following a little behind.

I usually like to stop at the stairs, wait, make sure they don't see the 50 pound whirl and twirl of black curl against the pale yellow house AND then BOOM, I charge! By the time I get to them, darnit, they are already up the garage or over the fence. They must have seen me. I come SO close but yet so far..Mom tried to make me feel better and bought me a toy squirrel but really Mom, thanks for the effort but I KNOW it isn't real.

So, I settle for a Happy Hips Glucosamine & Chondroitin Chicken Breast. At least I know it comes without claws and sharp teeth :)

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