Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Hosed

With the warmer weather and my beloved furry flying rat chasing, comes yet another phenomena, one I am not entirely thrilled with - "The Hose". My older brother has a vacuum cleaner obsession I mentioned earlier in one of my entries. Well, his real obsession is water from a hose.

This crazy Wheaten will stare at the hose for hours until it miracuously sprouts water or Mom gets off her cushy seat cushion and comes out to relieve him of his trance! He stares, he pauses, and then WATCH OUT! 48 pounds of good old fashioned Wheaten Greetin coming right at ya, trust me when I tell you that you do not want to be in the path of that flying hoser!

The average garden hose produces water at 40 psi, that's 10 - 20 gallons per minute! And Mom wonders why I, the REAL water dog, hug the outside of the kitchen door, trying desperately to not get hit with either that hose or that flying Wheaten! Don't misconstrue running away from water as NOT being a water dog, it's actually being a SMART dog, plain and simple, has nothing to do with the water! I prefer my water to be beneath me, not shooting at me with a wild Wheaten attached!

Remember, we are water dogs, yes, but we are first SMART water dogs :) So, Kolby can attack the hose all he wants and I will continue to hug the kitchen door until Mom gets wise enough and buys a house with a pond or pool so I can get my REAL water dog fix!

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