Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I was so excited to see Mom come home tonight. I ran outside when she opened the door and I just put my whole 49 pounds into it - WHAM - I am kissing her face! She always staggers like she is drunk, hasn't gone down yet but needs to catch herself to make sure she doesn't fall over. Guess maybe I use a little too much body in my love bumps :)

Kolby flew by her and went right to the bathroom. I told him to just go upstairs to the third floor like I used to when I was a puppy. But he's too much of a gentleman, he patiently waited. Momma Maria came by at lunchtime but Kolby drank two bowls of goat's milk this morning and I think it had a baaaaaad effect on him!

I did my usual run around the backyard, threw my face in the snow and searched. Searched for anything I could hunt. Tonight, it was Donald the Duck. I got him good. Shook him up and down I did. Grandma bought him for a Christmas gift for us and he has 2 legs and 2 arms that just shake and quake. He's great, perfect toy for a shake and quake Barbet! See my picture above with the Donald in my mouth. Very proud of that kill am I!

Tomorrow night...Tigger in his Santa hat...watch out!

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