Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Morning Routine

This morning I went outside promptly at 6 am. Sometimes, I have to really stare at Mom until she finally moves her lazy bones! I am a dog, I NEED to go out, the earlier the better is how I see it! I throw my body, head first, into the snow, get my fix and then I'm in...what does Mom have for me to eat this morning?

I really don't like plain kibble, heck, who does? So, I refused to eat it long ago until I trained Mom to put some good stuff in there and tempt me! This morning, fine grated Parmesan cheese from Premiere Gourmet - Now, that's what I'm barking about!! She followed that with some Goat's Milk which my brother proceeded to drink at a ridiculously fast rate so I moved on. Dogswell chicken breast, banana & chicken treat, freeze dried chicken, and finally a heart shaped cookie from Uncle Omar...ah, nirvana!

Back to the front windows, need to digest, relax and be on the lookout for Momma Maria. She walks us and cleans the house today. Gotta build up my energy so BOOM, I can knock her over with love when she walks in! Watch out Momma Maria, I'm ready for you!

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