Sunday, January 10, 2010

Morning Routine

Every morning Mom and I rush down the stairs. Well, I rush down, Mom takes her time. I sleep in her room, can't be too far from her! Kolby likes to sleep downstairs in front of the window. He'll let me know if something is out of the ordinary during the night so I can go rushing down, barking at the top of my lungs to scare away anyone who dare enter our home.

Mom sits at the bottom of the stairs to wait for Kolby to come and get loving. Then, we are off. I have to get outside first, it's just how it is. Sometimes, I need to bump Kolby AND Sasha out of my way but I have to get there first! You can see in this picture that I will be the first one out as the door opens. Then, I am VERY happy :)

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  1. Look at those boys, hysterical!! Finley is doing a great job with his blog, very impressing!!