Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well, I am off for my afternoon nap. I push my back legs forward into my front legs and then I curl up like a ball. Nana Paula said Uncle Anton sleeps the same way so I guess this is a Polish Barbet way of sleeping :)

Quiet day today. I went outside 3 times but since the temperature was only 2 degrees this morning, I thought for a moment that I had been shaved in my sleep I was so cold. Mom won't let us stay out long in this type of weather. She chases Kbear around in her pajamas and earmuffs as he never wants to go in and he never listens to her either. Sometimes I make her chase me as well and then she usually goes inside and rings the door bell. That always gets both of us to come in as we are hoping one of Mom's friends have come over. Preferably one with a toy or bone!

So, today's an inside day. We have to get our beauty sleep as we have a full day of daycare tomorrow and I can't speak for Kolby but I can tell you I like to look my best for STELLA the Golden Retriever and Haille, our Mom's friend Laura's dog. And, of course, Pepper, my 1 year old Black Lab buddy will be there and we need to have our energy to wreak the usual havoc. Off to sleep.

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