Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh Brother!

Noon and I am napping, so much for the whirling and the twirling, lol!

This morning we took Grandma and Noelle back home. Kolby and I love to run free in Mom's backyard. Her retirement complex has a massive backyard that abuts a wildlife area. It is fun to romp and run. But then Kolby, Oh Brother! ruined it :(

There are many deer back there. And they like to leave their black droppings everywhere. Of course, we just get running at a good speed, twirl back and then he does it! Kolby stops and helps himself to a nice big mouthful of deer droppings! UGH. I knew we were done! Mom came running at him to drop them but he swallowed quickly. And, yep, there go the leashes! Darn Brother!

We then took a nice walk around the complex twice. Mom had put our harnesses on today and while we all walk nicely then together, I can't spin, I'm a sad little Fin :( But the walk is equal to about a mile so we did get some good bonding time in with one another. By the end of the second time, we were both tired.

I did give my brother a talking to though when we were back in the car! Next time, No eating deer droppings until we have been allowed to run, spin, twirl and a whirl! Then, quick, take a big scoop as we are headed back to the car, Mom will love that!

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