Monday, January 25, 2010

1,2,3...Baby, you, and me!

Fantwirlastic day! Early to rise and out to daycare before the sun came out! Well, the sun doesn't seem to come out these days so not a good barometer.

Anyway, full day of whirling & twirling. And a look alike for my brother came in. His name is Maverick, a 1.5 year old Wheaten. His mother said "Oh, look at the Big Wheaten that's here" - that was my brother she was talking about! But Mom told Penny that Maverick looked just as big. He was very fuzzy but they groomed his eyes wide open.

Mom likes the sheepdog look for Kolby and the bear look for me. It makes us very very cute, although we can't see a darn thing but hey who needs to know where you are going when you are being dragged around by a leash anyway! Ah, just kidding.

Well, the whirling and twirling takes its toll and Kolby and I need to pass out. Somehow, that little Sasha gets in between us and takes the most comfortable place in the living room! Darn women!

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