Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WOOOOF! So much to tell today. Where does a "dog" star start?

This morning, Mom and I walked into Penny's Daycare and there in the lobby was a lady we didn't know but woohoo, she had my buddy Pepper! Immediately, Pepper came over for some loving and playing. He is my best buddy there! Then, IT happened, our 15 seconds of Fame!

His Mom said "Oh, you're the one who writes the blog!" "This is Finley, huh, he's so soft!" So, for 15 seconds Mom and I felt like celebrities! We were going to offer our autographs but the big female Weimaraner walked in and there just wasn't enough room in the lobby area for all of us so Pepper and I were off! Mom went out to get Kolby with a big fat smile on her face!

Penny told Mom she calls it "terrible Tuesdays" - all the dogs seem crazy on this day. And we were no exception! I turned over double digits today in water bowls! I challenge my buds there but I am the most ambidextrous and they can't keep up. I have given new meaning to the sport of "bowl"ing! WOOFWOOF!

And the best part of the day was coming home. Mom snuck one in on us. We were getting out of the car deciding if we should go do our business before sacking out after an exhausting day of daycare when the house door opened and there was Grandma! FANTASTIC, I thought. That means my hunting toy, Noelle, should be in there. Grandma opened the door and I nearly knocked her over rushing in for the bushy blue-cream point of a moving hunting toy!

Let the chase begin! And I was off and our hunter and hunted began the very basic of all primal instincts...Eat or be eaten! Well, not really as we don't hurt one another but we do chase hard.

And I'll leave you with this, the best thing about a Grandma...one word for you all...FOOD! It's about feeding us treats, treats, and more treats, oh, and fresh grilled chicken from the outside grill! Yup, famous AND living the good life...Burp~

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  1. I love it! I wish i could meet you Finley! But for now I guess I will settle for my own barbet adventures with Kai :)