Friday, February 19, 2010

Barbets 'N Balls

We, Barbet, love to chase and hunt. But since my Mom only allows me to chase sister Sasha and cousin Noelle when she visits, I am only able to chase live kitties. What I can hunt is tennis balls! They come in many varieties - large, small, orange, yellow, white, pink, multi-colored. The best are Squeakers and yes, they squeak! I get to grab and squeak and out comes a big high pitched noise. I like to make the noise go faster so I squeeze harder.

Sometimes I hear the humans say "make it stop". I have NO idea what they are complaining about but I just continue my Felt Ball Serenade! The balls do seem to slip out of my grasp though. And then I am stuck trying to flatten myself to get them out from underneath the furniture. Hey, I'm smart but I'm not SuperDog!

So, I resort to the lay and stare. That entails me lying in the path of Mom's walking and just staring with my nose under the piece of furniture that had decided to make my tennis ball its lunch! Eventually, Mom gets it, Come on Mom, quicker next time! Haven't I trained you better? We MUST work on your response time!

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