Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Barbet versus the Beartooth

Wow, I am absolutely exhausted and the evening has just begun. I'd say the sun hasn't set yet but I am not sure we ever get any sun anymore. Snow is fun but I like deepening my complexion in the warm sun and as of late, zippo on that front. God, we need to have a chat! Or at least Mom...maybe we should move? Big house, Big land on the water, snow in the winter but lots of sun. Really, is it too much to ask for?

Anyway, I am quite tired because my very important beauty rest was unceremoniously interrupted at 1 am. Yes, 1 am this morning! I was happily dreaming of my next Chicken Patty when BOOM...what the heck? I immediately began the Barbet Bark, Howl, Growl, Gurgle, whatever sound I could muster! It's hard to sound menacing as I am scaling down the windy stairs in this house jumping over cats in the way! Sasha, Noelle, I've been called into action...OUT OF MY WAY!

I manage to make it to the front window and there it is...that menacing Beartooth plow and snow removal man, complete with hat and shovel. Is he kidding? This is my house and my land. All that noise, those lights and that stupid cap, I really dislike hats and caps. Mom came running down the stairs after me trying to calm me but I would have none of it. There was an interloper, I was going to bark him out of here.

Mom finally picked me up, not an easy task for her as I weigh her down at 50 lbs and she brought me to the couch where I continued to gurgle and growl...until, she did it. The Belly rub! Ah, a belly rub from Mom, that makes me turn off CUJO. Apparently, Mom is not threatened by this unwanted stranger, but me, well, I have to look out for everyone here so I don't know him, therefore, he is deserving of the Bark and Howl.

I figured well he has the nerve to wake me up from Barbet dreams, I'll wake the entire neighborhood up! And once the belly rub stopped, I wiggled my way out and right back to the window with the high pitched, frenetic wailing. I love to hear myself talk...Mom, sometimes, not so much. Oh, and by the way, Kolby was passed out the entire time on his new Giraffe bed. So much for my back up!

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