Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brown, Let me bark you down!

Every day there is this loud and ugly truck that comes down the street
I am told it is UPS or Brown as they are referred to. It seems our neighbors get a delivery every day. What? Are they too lazy to go out and visit a store, must everything be delivered to their doorstep? And Brown likes to beep the horn right before they stop. Really? Don't they know that my immediate reaction will be to bark down brown?! Do they think a man made horn can
compete with my deep and oh so menacing howl. Afterall, I am a relative of the coyote, the wild dog and oh yes! The werewolf! Lol. Do they really believe the beep of a horn makes up for those girly shorts they wear! Even in the winter, come on! I have bark, bite, and style, Brown can't hold a candle to Black ;)

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