Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kibble & Bits

I often wonder why Mom thinks I would eat my kibble without anything on it. Really Mom, have you ever tried that stuff? DRRRRY! She wonders why Kolby and I won't touch it every day until she sprinkles it with one of the following: rich whipped cream, fine grated Romano Parmesan cheese or Kraft cheese squares, the multiple flavor of course so there is cheddar, mozzarella and of course Colby Jack! We will also accept All Natural Cheese Ceackers for Dogs that Uncle Omar sells. Also, dried chicken can get our attention as well.

Sometimes, Kolby will stare down Mom until she puts something on the kibble. He will never touch it dry. The key these days though is to get at the bowl right after Mom pours the goodies in. Otherwise. Sister Sasha sneaks herself in there and tries to eat the good stuff. She needs to watch out, I can pick her up in my mouth and dump her far away from the bowl! Usually a deep Grrrrrrrr does the trick but I think she is getting too fluffy for her own good!

Bottom line, always feed me Kibble & Bits, and never let the kitty get the Bits first!

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