Saturday, February 13, 2010

Da Sock

Today I started favoring my right front paw and to my chagrin, Mom over-reacted, as usual. I cut the paw on some of the hard ice outside and it's red and exposed. So, I have been licking it to heal it. Although Mom tells me I can infect it so she reached out to Dr. Reynders on Facebook. I'm surprised she didn't rush me to the Emergency Hospital, crazy lady!

Mom, I'm a man, I can weather the long as you are feeding me endless treats because you feel bad that I have a boo boo!

Thank goodness "the pack" isn't around. I'd surely lose my Top 3 position if they saw me with this goofy cycling sock. I was able to remove it twice and then she got me. She put a rubber band over it three times and it's on so tight I can't get it off.

What's a Barbet to do, milk it for all he can...more treats Mom, more treats! And then as soon as she turns out the light, Kolby or Sasha will help me pull it off. Guaranteed! This thing will not be on my paw come tomorrow morning. And, if it is, I'll be starting my guttural top notch howling until she removes it. I have my secret weapons :)

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