Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sleep, Dream, MOVE

When a Barbet sleeps, we often need time, maybe the whole night to find THEE most comfortable spot. I often start out on the rug next to Mom's bed. There, I will place my head under the bed, heck if i can't see you, you sure as heck can't see me, right? It's a good way for me to hide from Sasha the Stalking kitty. Hey. A Stud needs his beauty sleep! Ok. Mom took away my natural ability to be a breeding stud but heck, I am still a good looking Stud!

Half-way during the night, I will often move to the bed in the corner. There I will push it from the wall, make room for my legs to scale the free air! See, we Barbet enjoy the upside view for sleeping. Reach for the stars, even when you are sleeping! I KNOW Sasha cannot reach me there. Haha.

I will usually move one more time before the dawn breaks. I crash on the floor in front of the doorway. When Mom moves in the bed, I am up and off! I will be the first down the flight of stairs. Sasha, I will scale over and Kolby, well, I will just body bump right out of my path. That back door will not open without me attached to it so I am out of there.

So, I sleep, dream, move and maneuver throughout the night just to ensure I start each day out the right way...first, first, and oh yes, First!


  1. Hi Finley, greetings from Poland :)

  2. Hi Argo. We just saw your Blog and posted a link to it. Maui in Toronto also has his own blog. We need to create a Barbet Barking Blog :)