Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally, I believe that is snow falling in my backyard! I may be a Water Dog but I am telling you I like the frozen water (snow) a lot better! I get to roll in it, lick it, and when I am lucky blow it my brother's way and cover him in snow! I have to be careful though as he is white and with too much snow, he can disappear!

Mom has been talking to Aunt Barbie in DC and I am hearing about all this snow, like dive in and lose yourself kind of snow, just the kind I love! But here, zippo, nothing. Until tonight, it is finally starting to fall! After all, this is Buffalo, isn't it?

I only agreed to go with Mom in August of 2008 when Nana Paula told me she lived in Buffalo, home of the snowman! I thought, wow, yes, fun! And lately, I've been very disappointed. If this keeps up, Mom better be selling this house and moving me down to Aunt Barbie's. Alaska or the Antarcitc would be better but in a pinch, I'll take DC unless the snowman can get his act together and remember this is Buffalo, NY, home of the Blizzard of 77, November 13th ice storm, 2000 New Year 7 footer...Town, don't let me down! I am a Snow Dog in Winter and that means Snow...maybe if I just stare out the window I can make it snow or at least scare the neighbors in the process :)

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