Monday, February 8, 2010

Sasha, Stay out of MY Treats!

Some days I wonder "What WAS Mom thinking?" when she flew all the way down to North Carolina to get Sasha?? I mean really! Don't we have kitties here? And she had to bring back one that has decided it's her right to eat MY treats!

Whenever I eat my all natural, holistic, no wheat, no soy, no taste cookies Mom buys us, that darn Sasha is right there standing beneath me trying to get her little paws on my cookie! She is so short she fits right underneath me and it gives her the angle to try and steal my cookie out of my mouth!

Now, the worst part is when Mom is not around Sasha gets on the tables, wherever she can find bags of treats and attacks them with her paws & claws until they come loose! Up above, she knocked the Paul Newman Turkey and Sweet Potato cookie bag on the floor, then ripped open a hole and splashed them all along the floor in the kitchen!

But, then, Mom came downstairs to see what all that rattle was about. And,oolala, Sasha got herself in some trouble, Finally, Mom told her Stay Out, those are the boy's treats! Thank God, the hierarchy of the species preserved! I am big, I need lots o treats and little cat, stick to your wet food, little kibble and Pounce snacks. Remember, I can always decide to make YOU my snack if you keep this up! LOL

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